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Educator Preparation Program Accreditation


Accountability System for Educator Preparation (ASEP)

The purpose of the accountability system for educator preparation is to assure that each educator preparation program (EPP) is held accountable for the readiness for certification of candidates completing the programs. The accreditation status of an EPP shall be determined at least annually, based on performance standards established in rule by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC), with regard to EPP accountability performance indicators, disaggregated with respect to gender and ethnicity.

Texas Senate Bill C.S.S.B. No. 174 June 2009, passed by the 81st Texas Legislature and approved by the governor, states that the Accountability System will be built on four standards: (1) the results of certification examinations (2) beginning teacher performance based on an appraisal system (3) achievement, including improvement in achievement, of students taught by teachers in their first three years (4) compliance with SBEC rules regarding the frequency, duration, and quality of field supervision of first year teachers.

In addition, five new levels of accountability status have been established: not rated, accredited, accredited-warned, accredited-probation; not accredited-revoked. The last three mentioned have consequences defined in TAC Chapter 229.

Educator Preparation Program Accreditation Ratings by Year                                            

Archived Accreditation Ratings

Educator Preparation Program Annual Performace Reports by Year

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