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Texas School Ready!




Texas School Ready! is a high quality early childhood model, based on proven school readiness components including:

  • High quality, developmentally appropriate and rigorous curriculum;
  • Continuous student progress monitoring;
  • Professional development for teachers; and
  • Creating and implementing a School Readiness Integration Partnership to coordinate services among school districts, child care providers, and Head Start programs.

The program is administered by the Children’s Learning Institute at the UT Heath Science Center at Houston.

Participating Communities  





Applicants may be public school districts, open enrollment charter schools, Head Start Programs, and child care programs (profit/nonprofit, faith and community based organizations) conducting an early childhood or prekindergarten program with eligible students.

  • Public school districts with 3 and 4 year-old eligible prekindergarten students
  • Nonprofit or for-profit childcare settings serving at least 50% at-risk population of children or children eligible under federal child care assistance funded program


Grant Profile 2012-2013:

  • 27 Communities
  • 2,506 classrooms served
  • 44,526 Students served
  • 15,880 ISD
  • 14,292 Head Start
  • 13,211 Child Care
  • 1,143 Non-Profit  

Grant Profile 2011-2012:

  • 27 Communities
  • 2,363 Classrooms served
  • 41,564 Students
  • 457 ISD
  • 814 Head Start
  • 1,066 Child Care
  • 26 Non-Profit

Grant Profile 2010-2011:

  • 1,942 classrooms served   
  • 707 ISD
  • 640 Head Start
  • 595 Child Care
  • The Legislative Budget Board is currently conducting an evaluation ($350,000 evaluation cost).
  • LBB Evaluation (Evaluation of the Early Childhood School Readiness Demonstration Projects and School Readiness Certification System, January 2011)
  • Results from the UT Health Science Center at Houston Children’s Learning Institute self-evaluation in 2007-08 demonstrated that from beginning to end of year, students achieved 55% growth in phonological awareness, 150% growth in letter knowledge, and 33% growth in vocabulary. 



Fiscal Year


TEA-FY 2014


TEA-FY 2015




Fiscal Year


TWC-FY 2014


TWC-FY 2015






Laws and Rules

General Appropriations Act (GAA), Article III, Rider 48, 83rd Texas Legislature, 2013
General Appropriations Act (GAA), Article VII, Rider 28, 83rd Texas Legislature, 2013 



Department of Federal and State Education Policy: 512-936-6060

Program Contacts:

Howard Morrison,

Project Director:

Children's Learning Institute: April Crawford, Ph.D.,





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